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Many families have Nativity Scenes that they are not putting out anymore. We are asking everyone who does have a scene to make sure they proudly display it every Christmas Season. What a witness and reminder of Christ's Birth.

Sincerely in Christ,
Deb Miller

Our Story

My name is Deb Miller and I have a dream. I was deeply saddened during the Christmas Season in years past to see all the decorations that were missing the Nativity. Santas, Snowmen, reindeer were all blown up and lighted for everyone to see so. Where was the traditional Nativity Scene that we used to see so often? Some Churches did not even have an Outdoor Nativity Scene.

And so it happened, I wrote a letter to the editor to the Beacon, our weekly newspaper in Port Clinton, Ohio. I was determined that this Christmas Season, I would try to make a difference in our community. Thus, Project Nativity was born. The scene being used for donation was borrowed from a fellow Christian and is now being traced, cut and painted. With the help of our local community, we are able to offer this 4 piece, easy to assemble, Nativity Scene for under $40.00. This is cost only. A local lumber company works with us on the plywood, we ask local churches to get volunteers to cut and paint the scenes, and orders come from the web site, word of mouth and our local churches. They are distributed at our hotel, the Our Guest Inn and Suites, which is open 24 hours for everyone to be able to pick up their Nativity.

I sincerely hope you will prayerfully consider supporting this Project. A suggested donation under $40.00 is being asked for each scene. If you are a local person to the Ottawa County area and would like to help, please call me at 419-656-3155 or email info@projectnativity.org.

With the Season approaching, let's get a head start before those Santa's start invading from the North Pole!